Sunday afternoon wrap-up

Things are more or less back to normal over here, in the wake of the weekend’s laptop ‘asplodey. I’m back up to about 98% back-in-business now – largely thanks to my wonderful husband, who did all the repair/restoration work while I hovered behind him, fretting and flapping my hands.

In the end, the carnage wasn’t that bad and everything is pretty much okay.

* * * *

Tonight I’m trying to write a book report on my own freaking book, as requested by the Nebula folks. I’m not really complaining; I mean, if I’m going to have to wax philosophic on Boneshaker, this is certainly the best of all possible reasons. But I’m running out of time to complete the assignment, so I’m going to log off and work while the evening is still young.

But first let me leave you with a couple of quick links:

  • Joseph Mallozzi sics his readers on me – All in the name of fun and information! Click the link and be enlightened on such topics as who I’d cast in a Boneshaker movie (in that wacky fantasy universe where authors have control over this stuff), and whether or not there’s any such thing in the works. Many, many thanks to the marvelous Mr. Mallozzi and all his readers for picking up my novel and for having me over to chat.

  • Geek Dad’s best-of pollBoneshaker is up for best novel over at Wired’s Geek Dad page. My book has some stiff competition but heck, if anyone feels like clicking through there and voting (in this category, or in any of the others) then have yourself a ball.

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