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Last night while following up on an illegal torrent for Boneshaker,* I clicked what looked like a legitimate link in gmail and ended up completely killing my laptop. The link was a switch; malware invaded; and in the end, the only thing we could do was a complete reinstall of the whole damn system.

I lost … well … some stuff. Images, links, downloads. About four years of them – also a little music, but not very much, as it turns out. And because I am a neurotic backing-up fiend, I didn’t lose any of my works-in-progress, which is a relief. Even so, I lost some older material I’d been sitting on — stuff I was thinking about revisiting, maybe. Stuff I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pursue or not.

Well. Okay then. Clean slate. I probably won’t know the extent of what’s lost for weeks, as little things I want-but-only-sometimes-access are no longer right within reach. Which sucks.

I’m not looking for suggestions. The wipe has occurred; the damage is done; and I’m trying to put everything back in order. Very little that was lost cannot be replaced. I’d meant to do a great cleansing/purge when I finally had the money to pick up a new laptop anyway. I just didn’t want to do one … like this.

Edited to add: We’re about 90-95% back in business over here. Back up early, back up often, people. The restoration went faster than anticipated (only took a few hours). It could’ve been much, much worse.

* When I’m alerted to these, I pass the links along to Tor as I’ve been instructed. On this occasion, I’ve already gone back and warned my contact not to click through or open anything in my last email. I didn’t realize the problem until it was too late.

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  1. Cherie,

    I back my data up to DVD’s and have it also on a total of three different hard drives. There are also a couple of really good ways to back up your files besides just burning them to a disc, like most people do.

    Do you have or have you considered getting a little external hard drive that automatically backs up your data? You can schedule it to do it at any time. I you get a big enough one, you can re-image your whole hard drive. That way, even if your laptop hard drive fries, you just put a new one in and restore. Usually the software will even let you pull separate files from the backup image. I use the free version of Macrium Reflect and have not had any problems with it. The paid version allows you to do incremental backups, which will only backup files that have been modified or added/deleted since the last backup. It runs much faster that way.

    I also use a secure online backup called Mozy. They give you 2GB of space for free and a program runs on your computer and does periodic backups.

    If you ever need any help or have any questions, please feel to contact me.

  2. Eric

    This is one level of celebrity that you did not need.

    I am sorry that this happened, glad it will not adversely affect or delay any of your future projects, and look forward to your next publication.

  3. I feel sorry for you, because these kind of things always make me very angry and create a lot of stress. It would be much easier to live life without such moments of digital madness, but hey, we have to depend on it and I´m glad to see, that you returned to 95% strength back again!

  4. Ugh, I’m sorry, Cherie. Hope you didn’t lose anything important, though, but am happy to hear you’re basically back up and running.

    I’ve been there myself and unfortunately ended up losing all of my music and photos and school-work and work-work and much more that was not replaced. It was a very big mess. I definitely learned my lesson about backing up!

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