triumphant returns

Got back into town last night, after spending the afternoon hanging in the Clallam County’s historical archives with half a dozen library ladies in an out-building behind a haunted old school. Which was yes, exactly as awesome as it sounds. Kat scooped lots of research for her next book, and I mostly hung around and listened to the charming archivists tell the best stories they knew about the weirdest shit that had gone down in their jurisdiction over the last hundred and thirty years.

Following this captivating set of hours, Kat and I joined her mother for supper — then we headed back to the ferry, and retreated to our respective homes.

If it seems that Day #2 of our trip featured a lot less updating and intrigue from yours truly, then your observation is pretty much correct. The relative radio silence was due to the fact that sometime Monday afternoon, a huge forest-full of exciting new allergens attacked my face. Indeed, if you play through some of the spooooky little videos we were taking … you can hear my voice changing over the day as the tree pollen and leaf mold began to overtake me. By evening, I was literally unable to stop sneezing. I was developing a migraine. I couldn’t breathe at all. I did not sleep the following night. Just ask poor Kat, who was trying to nab some rest in the next bed over. I mean, you’d think that three doses of Claritin and six Benedryls might’ve put a dent in it, wouldn’t you? But no.

Next day I invested in (God help me) some Afrin “Sinus Congestion” — the veritable hand grenade of decongestants. It’s terrible stuff; using it feels rather like setting off menthol pipe bombs behind your eyes. But I do declare, when nothing else will penetrate the goop, that shit gets the job done.

Anyway. With the exception of my personal frailties, the trip was oodles of fun. We learned lots of neat things, received many awesome local history leads to chase, and ate at some great little joints (including one mom-and-pop with the best damn waffles I’ve ever had … topped with sauteed apples and candied walnuts). Many thanks once again to Kat for having me along for the ride, and thanks to the ladies of the Clallam Historic Society for the patience, the photos, and the stories.

* * *

I’ve spent my Wednesday playing catch-up, as you might guess. It’s amazing what two business days out-of-town do to my inbox; and I had some day-job work that I was determined to wrap up today. So I took care of all that, and now it’s suppertime. After suppertime, I predict wine and network television, accompanied by further goofing off, just for a little while.

Have a good night, everyone.
I intend to have a lazy one.

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