my lifetime love is making music with my friends

This evening things are going to get weird. And by weird, I mean “totally awesome.”

To make a long story vague and somewhat brief, the other day I was lunching with Kat — who was telling me all about a research roadtrip she was planning. Some of the highlights of this investigatory jaunt include a saponified corpse in a lake, a haunted lodge, and an appointment with a special collections local history librarian; so if you’ve ever met me, you can assume that I was all googly eyed and jealous of her impending journey.

And I might’ve said, off the cuff, that if she wanted any company … all she had to do was ask. After all, I’ve been noodling with a young adult project which is mostly set in the very place she intends to investigate, and I’ve never … actually … you know. Been there.

Which leads us to tonight — whereupon Kat is picking me up and AWAY WE WILL GO.

The original plan was for a simple overnight, but we’re headed far enough away that a second night has proven necessary if we’re going to get one whole day’s worth of daylight (such as it is) from this out-of-town adventure. Ergo, we’ll be gone Sunday and Monday evening, and return late on Tuesday. I’m not sure how much internet connectivity there will be, but I’ll at least have email capability on my phone — and you can bet I’ll be tweeting pictures and pithy travel commentary over here at my Twitter feed.

[Edited to add: I might also do the occasional voice post over on my Livejournal. I don’t have the capability to post in such a fashion at my true and proper homepage, alas. But you might want to swing by that other location, if you’re curious about our progress. You might find Bonus! content.]

But for now, I have to get up and around and get productive. I’m trying to get ahead (which is to say, reach the end — or come very close to it) on a day-job project in order to make up for Monday and Tuesday’s travel; and there is still packing and planning and supplies-grabbing to be handled.

Also, I must work on convincing myself that “two women writers traveling alone to a distant, rural location in order to research a gruesome, decades-old murder at a haunted lodge” does not totally sound like the set-up to a horror movie …

4 thoughts on “my lifetime love is making music with my friends

  1. Have fun! Sounds like a blast. Just stay away from any innocuous-looking hillbillies

  2. The next time we go see Blood Squad (the improv horror-comedy theater group) I am totally suggesting “two women writers traveling alone to a distant, rural location in order to research a gruesome, decades-old murder at a haunted lodge” as a scene for them to do.

  3. Daniel

    You and Kat should definitely pick up some detective caps, a couple of calabash pipes, and some rum-maple tobacco before you leave. Then you can stroll around the lodge grounds, puffing away, and looking very contemplative and ‘on-the-hunt’. Oh, and maybe some dog food too in case you run into one of those neon green glowing Baskerville wolfhounds whilst traversing the hazards of the moors…If your lodge has moors…Oh, there’s always moors!

    Oh, and watch out for strangers in the woods wearing hockey masks. There’s nothing as dangerous as a feral hockey team in the wild! :P

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