February 20, 2010

I just wanted to make a quick post saying thank you to the folks who came out to the Barnes & Noble at Northgate this afternoon. You guys were a marvelous audience, and I greatly appreciate your patience and warmth. (My voice was pretty much shot until the Mucinex kicked in, about halfway through the event; and I was kind of loaded up on cold medicine … so I was even more rambly and loopy than usual.)

Many thanks also to Caitlin, Kat, Ellen, and Suezie, who came out just because they’re my friends and they are awesomely supportive.

Excessive and copious thanks likewise to the B&N staff, who threw such a marvelous mid-afternoon cookie party, with particular kudos to the exuberant Covahgin and spiffy-dressing John-who-turns-out-not-to-be imaginary. (Covahgin is the super-groovy woman who invited me in the first place — and John is the mystery man who keeps recommending Boneshaker all over the place, but who neeeeever seemed to be working when I stopped by to tell him thanks for all the book-love.)

Anyway, thanks again! This was my first B&N event ever, and it was a very, very pleasant one.

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One thought on “February 20, 2010

  1. as is if your Nebula Award Nominee self deserved anything less.

    oh, please! (but do feel better!)

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