February 19, 2010

Now that all’s official, and officially announced … I can finally share it here: Boneshaker has been nominated for a Nebula Award. I am flabbergasted that this has actually happened. I have no idea what to say in response except thank you to the members of the SFWA, who have given this weird, interstitial, difficult-to-talk-about book a chance.

I am absolutely honored and amazed. It is a privilege to appear on this list, and I feel both nervously humbled and giddily thrilled to be there. Beyond that, I’m speechless.

* * *

I realize that this website is devolving back into the Boneshaker Channel again, and for that I do apologize. Recently (and by recently I mean the last 4-5 months) this novel has taken over my life, which is good for me as a writer, and probably bad for me as a blogger.

But Boneshaker has been a book of milestones, this is where I chronicle milestones. This is my first book to reach any national bestseller list. It’s the first to sell any foreign rights. It’s the first to win a well-known, established award*, and the first to be nominated for one of the big genre awards. In short, Boneshaker, my seventh published novel, is my first quantifiable hit.

From a professional standpoint, this book — and now this Nebula award nomination — is absolutely the most major and exciting thing that has ever happened to me. I’ve been telling stories all my life; and from my first inkling that it was hypothetically possible to build a career out of stories, all I ever wanted to do was be an author. Literally. You can ask my parents and everything. I have been utterly insufferable about it for decades. I am unlikely to stop anytime soon.

I keep wandering around muttering that Hemingway line about “Gradually, then suddenly.”

* Though my first novel, Four and Twenty Blackbirds, won the first annual “Blooker award” for fiction. Details on that prize are here.

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18 thoughts on “February 19, 2010

  1. Congratulations!

    I love it when local authors (re)prove to the rest of the world how awesome and literary Seattle is. :)

  2. Congratulations, Cherie! I’m very excited for you. Boneshaker‘s a great, deserving book and in wonderful company on that list!

  3. Jennefer Donahue

    Congratulations, Cherie! It’s a fantastic book and deserving of all this success!

  4. Congratulations!
    I haven’t read the others (yet) but Boneshaker is certainly better than Mieville’s City and the City which had an awesome concept but was quite a drag to read (unlike Boneshaker which I could hardly put down) so that’s one competitor out already. ;o)

    *fingers crossed*

  5. Scott Berta

    Well deserved! One of the best books I have picked up in years. The fingers will be crossed.

  6. Yet another . . . CONGRATULATIONS!

    Boneshaker was my first experience with Steampunk and it definitely won’t be my last. I love that you decided to exchange the typical London setting for Seattle. I opens up a whole world of possibilities for future stories. Literally.

    Thanks for a great read!

  7. Sherri B.

    Congratulations! I’m reading it now and enjoying the hell out of it. Well done!

  8. Fabulous news! Congratulations, Cherie!

  9. Thank you so much, guys! I really appreciate it – and I’m sitting over here just flailing in my seat, so excited that I literally have no idea what to do with myself :)

  10. Kat

    Congrats, Cherie! This nomination is well deserved. Boneshaker is a phenomenal books and I am glad it – and you – are getting recognized for it.

  11. Laura Clemens

    OMG…congratulations! I am proud to say I know you and once worked with you. You are a very talented young woman and a much deserved one as well. I knew one day you would ‘make’ it. I have to go out and buy it today now. I am thrilled and happy for you. I hope you win this award.


  12. Congratulations! (: I found Boneshaker just after Christmas as I was perusing the local B & N with a gift card and ended up buying it. One of the few books I can remember in years that kept me turning the pages. Good luck with the award, you certainly deserve it!

  13. Chris

    Congratulations Cherie! It so very well-deserved, and you’re also in very good company on that ballot.

    Hopefully you’ll still have time one of these days to visit us at the Lacamas Reading Hall in Second Life before Nebula-fame makes you even busier than you are now! :-) (I’m the guy who pestered Tammy Domike into reading Boneshaker and inviting you, and she was the first person I called with the Nebula news!)

    To sweeten the invite, one of the steampunk-themed places in Second Life we hope to give you a quick tour of is Steelhead, a Victorian/steampunk Pacific Northwest location based loosely on Portland with, yes, its own Shanghai tunnels complete with a subterranean fishing hole, and a Chinatown harbor with the steampunkiest sea vessels I’ve ever seen.

    Having discovered your novels backwards, going nuts over Boneshaker first before falling in love with the Edenverse (which if it isn’t a word yet, it should be), this is so gratifying. Boneshaker might be the work that has finally brought you the national and international attention you well deserve, but it’s far from the only thing in your body of work that makes you a terrific writer.

  14. Mary Kay

    I was so excited when I saw! Congratulations. Take you out for a drink Saturday?


  15. This is awesome news. Congrats Cherie. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving author. If they know good work, and apparently they have an idea, then you should win hands down, and I hope you do. Good luck to you and Boneshaker…it was an incredible read. Also, no worries about being the boneshaker channel on you blog, I’m sure most of us love it anyway. :)

  16. Rosemary A.

    Well-deserved! Congratulations! Don’t know how you were able to keep it a secret until now.

  17. Congratulations! I think Boneshaker is well deserving to be on the nomination list!

  18. I cannot express to you the utter fascination I have been having with Boneshaker. I was a little hesitant because of the whole rotter thing, but the tale has been gripping throughout. I am a nobody, just a member of the reading public, so my opinion doesn’t hold much weight but … the writing is exquisite, the characters fascinating, and the storytelling solid. I cannot say enough good things about the novel. I am anxiously awaiting the release of Clementine and anything that follows.

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