And now … links

  • Son of Retro Pulp Tales – Now available! I got my contributor’s copies today, and they are pretty. In this very fine, very handsome volume resides my story “The Catastrophe Box” — which is based on a real-life early 20th century paranormal investigation.

  • Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast – Interview with yours truly, about life, the universe, and everything. Or as JJA put it, “Steampunk! Sherlock Holmes! Eschatology!”

  • The Steamblog – Hits Boneshaker with a stick, and likes what falls out. Thanks for the review, Steamblog!

One thought on “And now … links

  1. Very cool podcast interview type thing. I spent my entire youth in Central Florida and some of my family is still there. That entire area is full of quirky religion. We should swap tales sometime.

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