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Spain the Cat went to the vet today, not out of any terror for her life or anything, but because she’d been acting very uncomfortable and scratchy ever since I got back from Kentucky. I caught her chewing at a couple of skin-tag-thingies (which we already knew about), and they seemed to have grown; so off to ye old doc’s office she went as a precautionary measure.

I tweeted about this, and people had questions, so here’s the rundown. For starters, she has fleas. And for finishers, her skin-tag-thingies have become a tiny bit suspicious, so we opted to get them aspirated for testing. They’re probably fine, but better safe than sorry — and better to find out in case of problems while those problems are still small, that’s what I say. (We’ll have Spainy’s skin test results either tonight or Wednesday.)

Three hundred bucks later (*ouch*) we’re home with some Frontline and some hardcore mega-killah flea spray. She was given a special flea-killin’ pill before we left the office, but it only works for about 24 hours so I have to log off and start washing every damn bit of fabric in the entire apartment. And then I’ll be spraying the ever-living hell out of everything that won’t fit in the washer/dryer. This place is going to smell like ass, but by sundown I fully expect it to be 100% flea-free. Goddammit.

Edit: The vet called with Spainy’s results — they were inconclusive, but mostly good. She’s about 95% sure that everything is normal, but a little blood contamination and a near-iffy set of cells keeps her from giving the total all-clear. The plan is to keep an eye on the suspicious nodule and address it again at the kitty’s annual checkup in a few months, perhaps for biopsy (though sooner of course if it starts to go weird on us). Anyway, there you go.

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  1. Jennifer Harrell

    For monthly Frontline Plus or Revolution (we use Frontline for the indoor cats and dog. We use Revolution for the outdoor cat, since it kills a wider range of nasties), the site is a great deal. It’s legitimate product, not knock-off like you see so much of on “discount” US sites or eBay. I’ve been using Petshed for 4-5 years now, never a problem w/ them.

    -Theldara from LJ

  2. Thanks for the heads up. Yeah, it’s Frontline Plus, and she’s indoor only.
    They gave us some, so here’s hoping it does the trick (on top of the pill and the spray).

  3. I’m dealing with a completely different itchy situation – Yara has hot spots – but I can very easily empathize. De-fleaing can be quite a daunting and annoying process. And, as you said, not without the bad smell either. Best of luck!

    I fully endorse Frontline Plus as well for flea prevention – I’ve used it on both my dogs for years now and never had an issue. (My current guide dog also takes Sentinel monthly which is a heartworm pill with bonus flea prevention.) It’s also supposed to repel ticks, and while personally it’s worked for my own backyard, I don’t think it’s the most effective topical out there for that.

    Hope Spain recovers quickly.

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