Month: January 2010

Bon voyage!

Our friend Denny crashed with us last night. He was only passing through; so alas, we didn’t have much time for shenanigans. But at least we made it to the Needle!


Bye sweetie! Have a happy birthday tomorrow, and a marvelous remainder of your vacation.

Well, okay.

Yes, I know about the Macmillan thing. Thanks for all the emailed heads ups. No, there’s nothing I can do about it. You can just chalk this up under “one more thing authors don’t control.”

John Scalzi and Cory Doctorow have beaten me to the thoughtful breakdowns, so I won’t go into that here.

Suffice it to say, there’s still a great deal of speculation — but it looks like Macmillan and Amazon are bickering over how much Macmillan is allowed to charge for its ebooks. In short: Macmillan wants to charge fifteen bucks a pop for [some new-release] ebooks, and Amazon thinks the price should stay at ten bucks so that people will keep buying the Kindle. So Amazon has quit selling all the Macmillan titles.

Tor is a Macmillan company, so yes, that means they’ve stopped selling those books of mine which are published through Tor.*

My reaction to this is pretty straightforward: I think it’s dumb and it sucks.

But at the end of the day, there are lots of other places selling books. In fact, if you go to IndieBound I bet you can find a number of fine, upstanding, book-selling establishments in your own neighborhood. Or if online ordering is your pleasure, Barnes & Noble has a great selection and pretty good prices (for example, right now Boneshaker is available at the member’s price of $11.51). And you can find a listing of all my books available through B&N right here, easy peasy. Don’t forget, you can also order signed copies (at no extra cost, and from anywhere in the country) through the University Book Store here in Seattle.

So I took a few minutes this morning and changed all the Amazon book-selling links on my website and livejournal; and later today I’ll get around to yanking them off the Clockwork Century too. Just as I’m sure Amazon’s decision to quit listing my books is not, shall we say, personal … so too my decision to link potential buyers elsewhere is only business.

* Though the listings remain, and the books continue to be available on Amazon through third-party sellers.

Sometimes these things happen

I’m inclined to blame Mark Henry. He’s the only man who could inspire me to turn my petite, hard-scrabble 19th century single mom into a drag queen.

It kind of rocks, though.
I mean, from a certain angle …