Last night’s event at Third Place Books was my very first solo bookstore venture,* so I confess I was nervous about it. Besides my usual What-If-Nobody-Shows-Up? insecurities, the weather was a thrilling 16 degrees by event time, which might as well be NEGATIVE A BILLION DEGREES in Seattle — where it rarely gets below freezing.

And yet … much to my personal astonishment, we hit standing room only, and the crowd was great! In fact, I feel like I leveled up a bit as an author, because this was the first reading/Q&A where I knew literally no one except the folks who’d shared a ride over with me (Caitlin, Suezie, and the guy to whom I’m married). Don’t get me wrong — I am immensely grateful to my friends when they show up for these things; it’s a relief and a comfort to have familiar faces in the audience. But this definitely felt like a shift, somehow — like word is getting out, and the book is gaining traction outside the usual circles. And I hope it bodes well for the future. [:: crosses fingers ::]

The aforementioned Suezie took pictures. You can see them here on her LiveJournal, presented with commentary.

My favorite audience member of the night was the teenage girl who announced that I was now the second of two cool authors she read, who nobody else had ever heard of. The first … was Clive Barker. I nearly peed with delight! What an awesome reader :)

Many thanks to the folks at Third Place Books for hosting the event, and hosting it so marvelously; and thanks also to everyone who braved the weather in order to come join us!


Things are kind of hectic over here still, between holiday travel plans and trying to get all my work commitments up to speed before Christmas. However, today I handed Bloodshot over to its editor; I filled out and mailed off two sets of contracts for other (shorter) projects; and I got started on the Dreadnought rewrites that need to go back by the 24th. Perhaps, by New Year’s, I’ll actually have my head above water. I might survive this season yet!

In celebration, I give you links:

  • Updated Appearances Page – Because in the last couple of days I’ve agreed to do a few more events — and of course, I’ve had to cross off everything from this year. Third Place Books was my last event of 2009!

  • War Rocket Ajax interview, live and loud – Click to hear us natter on about everything from New Jack Swing to barbecue, and Boneshaker, and steampunk, and everything else but the kitchen sink. Thanks again to Chris and Euge for … well … just for being so freakin’ cool.

  • A sneak peak at something cool – Via John Joseph Adams, and presented with all his qualifiers. (But *cough cough* check out that cover!)

  • Many thanks to Powell’s Books – For naming Boneshaker a staff selection for children and young adults. If you’ve been wondering about picking up this book for a young person, but you’re not sure if it’s appropriate — feel free to consult this FAQ over on the Clockwork Century, wherein I address the matter.

  • Obama Weather – Because it amused me, okay? Plug in your city and dress up the president accordingly. [LOL!]

* The event at 15th Ave. Coffee and Tea was solo also, but it was also part of the art walk. And it wasn’t at a bookstore — so in addition to me reading there was food, beverages, party music, and prizes. So, 100% awesome, yes; but not representative of the more low-key events I do at bookstores.