Here are today’s stats for the fabulous urban fantasy adventure about a neurotic vampire/thief and her wealthy blind client, now with Bonus! Cuban drag queen and military intrigue:

Project: Bloodshot
New Words Written: 4985 (Some added last night; only about 4000 today)
Present Total Word Count: 94,570 words
Goal: Draft Zero by December 12 –ACCOMPLISHED

Things Accomplished in Fiction: Wrapped it up, baby. Wrapped up all of it. This, ladies and gents and all others, is a Draft Zero.

Things Accomplished in Real Life: Virtually nothing. This has been eating my brain and I had to get it out, out, out. And now – best of all – I have almost 2 whole weeks to batter this puppy into a Draft One before sending it back to Anne! [:: does a little dance ::]

Reason for Stopping: BECAUSE I CAN.