I’ve been dreadfully slack lately, tied up in my own neuroses and plot tangles; but I’m finally back on the fiction pony and I actually have some word count progress to report.

I realize it seems like I’m making an early day of it (and indeed, I might well get a little more work done before the afternoon’s over), but I’m leaving soon to go play back-up writer at a coffeeshop in front of a TV crew. It’s gonna be fun, but that’s all I’m going to say about it for now — because the television piece isn’t about me, and I’m not sure how much I’m supposed to spill.

Anyway, I actually have two word meters to post today.

First: Here are recent stats for the fabulous urban fantasy adventure about a neurotic vampire/thief and her wealthy blind client, now with Bonus! Cuban drag queen and military intrigue:

    Project: Bloodshot
    New Words Written: 2344 (meh)
    Present Total Word Count: 76,513 words
    Goal: 95,000 words by December 12

    Things Accomplished in Fiction: Crashed a parkour meeting in D.C.; dragged a hipster ghoul into strange places; left the part-time drag queen on blind vampire babysitting duty.
    Things Accomplished in Real Life: Day-job work; some housework but not enough; minimal errand-running; kitty-pestering.

Second: I give you stats for the dirigible/pony-express story with zombies, the Goodnight-Loving trail, and a 19-year-old Union veteran who’s stuck with a mechanical foot.

    Project: “Reluctance”
    New Words Written: 1509
    Present Total Word Count: 1509 words
    Goal: 5000 words by November 29

    Details: This one’s on deck to fulfill an invite to an anthology. I’ve almost let the deadline get away from me, but I love the story and I’m shoehorning it in to my schedule, dammit. One way or another. I set the word goal at 5000 words because that’s the absolute outside limit of how long it can run. I’ll probably go over a little and have to prune myself down, but we’ll see.