Over at Publishers Weekly – A three-part discussion of Boneshaker via the esteemed Genreville book club. Click through if you’ve read it, and feel free to chime in. If you haven’t read it yet and don’t care for spoilers, I recommend that you restrain yourself.

I wish I had anything else entertaining to post about today, but not much is going on apart from errand-running and working … with a several-hour-long detour through a window-mold apocalypse. If you’re really interested in the minutia, feel free to watch my Twitter feed; otherwise, I regret to confess my general dullness.

Tomorrow will be a little brighter — which is to say, at least I’ll be getting out of the house. Around (or shortly after) lunchtime I’ll be headed over to the Lake Forest Park branch of Third Place Books, where I’ll hang about and sign stock for a bit. It’s not an official event, but if you catch me there I’d be more than happy to sign your stuff and/or personalize it.

Also, don’t forget — though Boneshaker has allegedly been tough to find for the last little while, to the best of my knowledge you can find a well-stocked stash of signed copies (1). at the University Book Store on the Ave in the U-district, (2). the Pacific Place Barnes & Noble, and (3). the Northgate Barnes & Noble. Plus, of course, Third Place Books (as of tomorrow afternoon).

And yanno, the holidays are right around the corner …