The last couple of days have been filled to the brim with errand-running and stuff-doing, including (but not limited to) – grocery shopping, post-office visiting, bank dropping-by, University Book Store stock (and mail order) signing, print framing, house cleaning, laundry washing, official correspondence exchanging, outline jotting, fish tank changing, and event preparations.

That last one may have you wondering … what event?
Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten already!
Here, let me refresh your memory.

This coming Thursday, at 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea on Capitol Hill,* I’ll be hanging about and signing books and basically having a marvelous time at a most excellent party being thrown by some of my awesome friends. No, seriously. Ellen, Suezie, and Psynde — these three have knocked it out of the park … and into the local establishment where there will be music, costumes, prizes, booze, caffeine, and snacks for the ordering. You can click here for details or heck, just show up some time after six o’clock and join the fray.

Bring your books and I’ll sign them if you like, or buy them at the event. Or forget the books, and just swing by to be social. I’m always happy to meet new people, and Mark Henry will be MC’ing the event. If you’ve never heard Mark MC anything, then you must absolutely not pass up this opportunity. If you have, then I’m already confident that you’ll be in attendance, unwilling to miss it.

This will be an all-ages event, since (a). it’s open to the public, and (b). Boneshaker is a bit of an adult/young adult crossover. Or so I am told. In any event, lots of young adults seem to be reading it, either by swiping it from their parents or nabbing it from a friend. Let me be the first to say I APPROVE OF THIS BEHAVIOR. Please do carry on.

Anyway. It’s coming up on suppertime here and the husband just got home from work, so I’m going to wrap this up and go get myself some noms. Thanks so much for reading, and I hope I’ll see some of you locals later on this week!

* Yes, I am aware that this is really a Starbucks in disguise. We tried first and foremost to run with an independent shop for this event, but we got nothing but hassle and run-around; and then the 15th Ave people stepped in. The store has been exceedingly supportive and helpful, and I’m grateful for the venue.