Boneshaker Channel: Still Up and Running

First of all, let me give a huge and hearty thanks to everyone who’s posted about Boneshaker — reviewing it, talking about it, recommending it, and otherwise being the best damn digital support group a girl could ask for. Seriously, you’ve been amazing! And I couldn’t do it without you.

And second of all, here I go again, running more programming on the Boneshaker Channel. Momentum has been good so far, but I fear it’s beginning to taper off; and the promotion that’s kept this book front and center at Barnes & Noble is drawing to a close; so I kind of feel like this last bit of October is a Last Chance Push — a final major attempt to keep it visible and selling.

Therefore, I come to you, the readers … asking for just a little more indulgence on your part. Please allow me to present a few more Boneshaker links, for your clicking pleasure:

  • Boneshaker is in-stock and ready to ship at Amazon – So if you’ve been waiting, or if you’ve had a hard time locating it locally, there’s no time like the present to pick it up. Or if you’ve already read it, I’d be forever grateful if you’d take a moment to leave a review or two.

  • offers free and fabulous Boneshaker desktop/wallpaper art – People have been asking me about this for awhile now; but until made the big files available, I didn’t know what to say. Well, here you go! Have at! Click, download, and call it an afternoon. A very fancy afternoon …

  • Jon Armstrong is kind enough to interview me – Click the link to find me over on his outstanding podcast, “If You’re Just Joining Us.” Don’t do it for me. Do it to hear Jon’s groovy radio-dude voice, and to hear us talk about the Seattle Underground, Boneshaker, book promotions, and all kinds of other rambly stuff.

  • Hey Seattle-area locals – Whatcha doing on November 4th? – Because at 7:00 over at the University Book Store, I’ll be reading and signing with Jeff VanderMeer and Cat Rambo. AND IT’S GONNA ROCK.

  • Hey Seattle-area locals, Part Deux – Whatcha doing on November 12? Because I’ll be having a Boneshaker celebratory event on Capital Hill, right on Fifteenth Avenue. Click that link for the Facebook page with all the details, and if you’re in the area, please stop by! We’ll have prizes. We’ll have schwag. We’ll have books for sale and signing. We’ll have a heck of a time, but it’ll be even better if you join us!

Whew! I think that’s pretty much everything, at the moment. But if you folks feel the urge to link this stuff around — or pass it around, or consider picking up a book or two for birthdays or Christmas or Hanukkah or for Steampunk Appreciation Month (okay, I totally just made that up) … then I hope you’ll feel absolutely and merrily free to do so.

Thanks again for reading, and as always, thanks for taking a chance on my books. Or at least, thanks for listening to me go on, and on, and on, and on about them.


5 thoughts on “Boneshaker Channel: Still Up and Running

  1. You must initiate Steampunk Appreciation Month!! A whole month where we can wear evening coats, top hats, goggles, ride on airships…

    …OK, so we can do all of that whenever we want (except maybe that last one), but there should still be a SAM.

  2. edifanob

    Michael C,

    maybe you missed it. But the whole October has been Steampunk Month on Click on the link in order to get an overview.

  3. i just bought your new book just because it said it had airships and zombies in it. Also will you marry me?

  4. I don’t have a Facebook, but I want to go to the thing on November 12. Also, I’m not getting a Facebook. EVER. Hahaha! So may I please have the information somewhere else?


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