We’re back from Steamcon–which was 100% awesome. Saw some old friends, made a few new ones; ogled many outstanding costumes, sat on some exceptionally good panels; wore lots of clothes, bought a couple of tee shirts. Really, I think one of the most telling things about Steamcon was how (as my husband put it) everyone seemed really happy to be there.

Absolutely delightful, from start to finish.
Two thumbs up, and one bustle a’swishing.

And here’s me and the hubs on Saturday night, after a little rum.


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4 thoughts on “SteamCon

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    I moderated a panel on steampunk and gave BONESHAKER major pimpage.

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    Very cute pic! I’d love to see more from the con – sounds like a great con to go to.

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    You guys are SO cute. And I love Aric’s supply belt.

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    Thanks guys! And Mario, you remain pretty much 100% awesome. :)

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