This afternoon my editor Liz came to town in advance of SteamCon this weekend. She came bearing luggage, some news, and some really awesome pictures of her as a mermaid*. Good times were had with her and Caitlin, lunch was obtained, and future shenanigans will most definitely occur. But first: Links!

* Liz has EPIC hair. It’s amazing, and lovely–thick, blonde, wavy, and down past her butt. You should see it underwater!

this article Hurrah!

2 thoughts on “Hurrah!

  1. Book review is now up on my blog.

    Have great day!

  2. edifanob

    Thank you for mentioning the review over at Only The Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

    “Believe it, believe it,
    you must read it, you must read it,
    if you don’t do, if you don’t do,
    rotters eat you, rotters eat you …”
    (rotters are the zombies of Seattle)

    Have agreat day and enjoy SteamCon.

    Viva La Streampunk!

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