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Tonight, 7:00 p.m. at the University Book Store in the u-district, Justine Larbalestier will be slinging by and reading from her killer new book Liar. IT WILL BE AWESOME. But don’t take my word for it. Come on out and see for yourself.

In other news, I’m going to be a busy, busy woman this week so posting might be light. But don’t forget: SteamCon starts this Friday. IT TOO WILL BE AWESOME. And I have to say, they’ve got a really strong, diverse panel track–especially for a brand new convention. It honestly impressed me with its lack of the same old “What is Steampunk?” fodder.

* * *

In other other news, there is no news on a “new” car yet. We checked out a couple more vehicles over the weekend, and were greatly disappointed with the TruthInAdvertisingFAIL and/or blasphemous pricing on vehicles that don’t actually run. It was pretty epic.

We even had somebody’s nosy neighbors call the cops on us while we were investigating a vehicle which (a). we’d called ahead about checking out, and (b). had been left on the street, partly so we could see it and partly because (c). it had a blown carburetor which they didn’t tell us until we were already on the way out there, and (d). amusingly enough, this RATHER SIGNIFICANT DEFECT only barely lowered the price oh HAHAHAH.

Ah, well. We’ve got a couple of queries in to a couple of other listings, so maybe something useful will dawn today. You never know. It could happen.

* * *

P.S. – Boneshaker‘s gathering Amazon reviews! Thank heavens. Anyone else who’s interested in doing likewise is more than welcome to do so, I assure you.

At the moment, Amazon is really one of the more reliable places from whence this book can be acquired; I’m hearing about it selling out and being reordered in a lot of places–which is a good problem to have, but still a problem. So if you’re having trouble locating Boneshaker, try Amazon (see above link), or try, where it’s on sale for 30% off for the month of October.

If you’re local to Seattle, I happen to know first-hand that the B&N downtown has copies, the Borders downtown should have copies, and the Elliot Bay Bookstore has a few signed copies.*

* And to the best of my personal knowledge, right this moment as of this posting–so your mileage may vary.

5 thoughts on “events events events

  1. Just wanted to throw in that I’m about halfway through Boneshaker and so far it’s great! It definitely fills in all of my Civil War/airship/zombie needs. Keep up the good work!

  2. Why thank you, Garret! I’m glad I could fill in all of your needs in those categories :)

  3. Mary Kay

    The B&N at Northgate had copies when I stopped by last week. I was looking for Bear’s new book, but I was happy to get yours. Apparently her publisher is actually going to make us wait til the actual publication date. What will they think of next?

    I, too, was impressed by Steamcons programming. I had planned to stop by on Saturday, but now I’m thinking I’ll go the whole weekend. You need a ride down on Firday? Or any of the other days?


  4. Thanks so much Mary Kay, but I think we’ll be all right. We’re appearing Friday morning and staying through the weekend, so we won’t need to come or go much :)

  5. My copy is sitting on the top – the TOP mind you – of the TBR pile in the living room, taunting me. It knows that I have a list to finish before I start the book. It knows that my discipline is wavering. It knows that I tried to get my husband to take it with him to visit his family for a week so that I wouldn’t have to BEAR the taunting, and it is making me PAY.

    But, boy, am I crossing things off that list quickly! (B&N Crossroads in Bellevue has copies on an endcap of all-steampunk-glory.)

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