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  • How to steam up your old goth wardrobe – This post up on started as a slightly tipsy joke … but everybody was like, “AWW, you should WRITE IT.” So, okay. There you go. Have at!

  • Memories of the Future hits the shelves – Like Wil Wheaton? Like ST:TNG? Like witty commentary and hilarious nostalgia? GO YE THEREFORE and give this one a read. (Never mind the fact that it’s really an awfully good-looking book.)

  • What’s the Big Idea? – It’s John Scalzi’s running series over on his webpage, and this one is all about Boneshaker … and how its alternate history world differs from (and works with, or against) others.

  • Things I do when I have no internet – Also, I got a bunch of people asking about my pumpkin-seed-roasting recipe. Recipe? Well. Here goes: Dump some sugar and some cinnamon and some pumpkin pie spice into a Ziplock baggie. Then add some clean (read: washed in cold water, and free of pulp) pumpkin seeds. Shake and bake – spread out on a cookie sheet (I recommend wax paper and cooking spray, too) for about 25 minutes at 325 degrees. NOM NOM NOM.

  • i09 reviews Boneshaker – And they liked it! Review is fairly in-depth, but not spoilery; and it brings up some things I haven’t seen addressed elsewhere.

  • Boneshaker in stock at Amazon – And it’s collecting a few reviews, for which I thank the reviewers! Anyone else who feels like chiming in over there … it’d be appreciated. Also, while the offer is still good, you can get Boneshaker from for 30% off the cover price.

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