Get it cheap, maybe get it free

Hey folks — over here at they’re tossing twenty free copies of Boneshaker to twenty random commenters. You have until noon on Wednesday, October 14th, to go to that-there post, leave a comment, and thereby enter yourself in the drawing.

Or if you don’t like those odds (last time I looked there were some 250 entrants), you can order it directly from the store at 30% off. Of course, you can also still get it from and … if you’ve already had a chance to read it, I’d be forever grateful if you’d leave an Amazon review.

* * *

I realize that this blog has become the Boneshaker Channel as of late, and I apologize — but basically, it’s been the center of my life for the last couple of weeks. Between that, and the guest-blogging, and the interviews, and the promotions, and the Kindle edition taking its own sweet time, and the question-answering, and the email-responding, and the out-of-town visitors, and the signings, and the preparations for a convention plus three more events in the next six weeks … well, frankly I haven’t had much else to talk about.

But speaking of such things, this morning I spent a while on the phone with the incomparable Jon Armstrong, nattering about steampunk, costumes, Seattle history, pioneer flub-ups, and urban planning for his wonderful podcast If You’re Just Joining Us. I’ll let you know when it goes live.

Following this interview, I went out to the University Book Store at UW and signed the books you kind folks have ordered through that fine store in accordance with these guidelines.

* * *

Gosh. There must be something else I can put here that makes it sound just a little bit less like my head is up my butt. Hmm. Well, let’s see.

Today was a most excellent mail day. I received a new corset (YES, ANOTHER ONE but it was on sale, okay? And I ordered it a long time ago; there was a mix-up); a couple sets of arm-warmers and a pair of menswear-style sock garters from Sock Dreams; and some Surprise! money via my marvelous agent. So. Yanno. Three cheers for that.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for now. I hope everyone has an excellent weekend, and I’ll catch up to you on Monday (if not sooner).


4 thoughts on “Get it cheap, maybe get it free

  1. Just began reading ‘Boneshaker’ today! So far, so excellent. I tried ordering it from the library first, but even in my small county I was still 3rd on the waiting list. Which means that my region must have more Steampunk enthusiasts than I originally thought. Especially as there are 5 copies in the system.

  2. Wow, thank you so much! I hope you enjoy it :)
    And for what it’s worth, someone told me they were 22nd in the library line to read it … so it could be worse …

  3. Recently found you. Looking forward to reading Boneshaker. By the way, a girl can never have too many corsets.

  4. Cherie,
    Wow. Yes, I guess I am lucky in that respect! Really, it is a pretty small and and not very populous county I live in.
    Though I heard today that there are 3 sequels?! I’d better hurry up and get a handle on Boneshaker either way, lest I get left behind!

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