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Because I’ve been very, very busy that’s why; and the busy season ain’t over yet. So instead, you get Very Exciting Links.

  • AUTHOR EXPLOSION – Sounds messy, yes. In fact, it’s entertainment — and it absolutely won’t leave a stain. This is the Seattle Geekly podcast interview with yours truly, Mark Henry, A.P. Stephens, and Rob Rogers. You should totally listen to the whole thing because it’s awesome (I come in around 54 minutes, 15 seconds).

  • and Boneshaker — Amazon’s been playing catch-up filling orders for the last couple of days (which is a nice problem to have), but Boneshaker will be back in stock on Saturday. You can still order the book, of course, and it’ll ship on the 10th (or thereabouts). In other news, there ought to be a Kindle edition within the next couple of business days; there seems to have been a delay, but I’m told that it’s sorted out now.

  • Reverse-Engineering the Steampunk Novel — The interview with me/review of Boneshaker conducted and assembled by Natania Barron is up at Wired. In it, I try to explain myself; and Natania does a good job of keeping me from sounding too cracked out.

  • Prescription: Zombies — My newest piece at talks about fear, readiness, emergency preparation, and the creeping undead. Have at!

Last Modified on October 8, 2009
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