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  • offering 30% off in honor of Steampunk month — 30-percent off a whole slew of steampunk titles including Boneshaker and a bunch of books from other publishers, too. Go check out the list! See if there’s anything you’ve been thinking about maybe taking a chance on. There’s no time like the present.

  • Speaking of steampunk: LEVIATHAN — Scott Westerfeld’s latest is absolutely KILLER and if you have even the most passing, remote interest in the genre, you should absolutely pick this up. He’s a marvelous writer and this is an exceptional story in every way.

  • Speaking of great books, LIAR is out now too — By Justine Larbalestier, and it now has a spiffy new cover (which is exceptionally awesome — and I’m not just saying that because I’m on a black and green kick). This young adult thriller is smart, wicked, sneaky, and cool, and you simply must give it a look.

  • Get books signed by yours truly via the University Book Store — Click that-there link for details, instructions, suggestions, and whatnot. And many thanks to Duane Wilkins, without whom this wouldn’t be possible.

  • A tiny name-check from the Seattle Times — Which elicited a tiny woot! from me when I saw it.

  • My sister the foodie and poetry nerd — She’s started her own blog, finally. She’s vegetarian, she’s prone to experimenting, and she gushes and crushes on dead authors between recipes. It’s kind of awesome, and I say that even though (a). I’m not vegetarian and (b). poetry is not so much my thing.*

* Yes, yes. Bad English major, I know.

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9 thoughts on “Links Round-Up

  1. Wow. So much awesomeness. And I can vouch for the greatness of Liae and Leviathan (though only about 1/3rd through the latter).

    The signed books thing is shiny . . . except for those of us thousands of miles away who already own all of your novels.

  2. I am sorry about the thousands of miles away bit!
    I will try to travel thousands of miles one of these days in order to sign anything anybody wants. Anywhere.


  3. catfriend

    Is it better for you if I purchase Boneshaker at my local B&N (which finally had it last night, unlike their competition down the street), or if I buy it at your upcoming University Bookstore signing?

  4. Catfriend, it totally doesn’t matter. Whatever’s best for you. But if you’re going to attend the U-district event, it might be nice to buy it there in order to help support the store that’s hosting.

  5. Haha! Thanks . . . I think?

    The timeframe on that seems somewhat vague, though. How about I just haul the whole stack to Dragon*Con next year and FORCE you to sign them? Bonus! I’ll have Yara with me to make the pity-me, sad-puppy eyes. ;-)

    Also, wow, I managed to mis-type LIAR.

  6. Oh, I mean it – I’d love to be able to do a proper tour and hit the town, coming back and around to catch all the places I’ve either missed or never made. And absolutely, if you catch me at DragonCon, I’ll sign everything you can carry :)

  7. Oh, I didn’t think you were joking – and that would be several kinds of awesome. I do very much look forward to that one day.

    And if I do manage to nab you at Dragon*Con, will most definitely hold you to that promise.

  8. Due to my legally blind habit, I really need to read books on my Kindle or in audiobook. I read
    Four and Twenty Blackbirds, but it was you’re only title they’d released this way. I just found that Not Flesh Nor Feathers, Wings to the Kingdom, and Fathom are now out for the Amazon Kindle. I am thrilled! I hope Boneshaker will be there soon too. Hopefully lots of folks will bombard your publishers with the “I would like this title on Kindle” link.

    Just wanted to share the *SQUEE* in case anyone else has been waiting for the e-versions.

  9. Thanks Laura! And I just talked to the editor over at Tor, and despite a slight delay, there WILL be a Kindle edition in the immediate future (within the next couple of days).

    Thanks again for the squee and for reading :)

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