Drive-By Posting

  • University of Washington Bookstore — One more place where Seattle-area locals can find fresh, spanky copies of Boneshaker. In fact, following a very productive conversation with Duane Wilkins over there this afternoon, it looks like you’ll soon be able to order signed books and have them shipped from this fine store. Still hashing out a few details. Will keep you posted.

  • My first guest post — Wherein I natter.

  • Locus Magazine — Allegedly has a review of Boneshaker in its October issue, but I have been thwarted in my early efforts to acquire this issue (see above re: visiting bookstore/Duane).* Boo. I’ll try again Monday.

* In accordance with science and prophecy, if this were a bad review, fifteen people would’ve emailed it to me before breakfast. But apparently it’s not. Thus I’ve not yet set eyes on it.

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