Clarkdale Elementary

By special request – Clarkdale Elementary School found itself almost completely underwater following the recent storms and flooding in North Georgia. Everybody got out of the storm’s way safely, but the school itself did not fare so well. In short, the building and all its supplies are a total loss. Via a reader’s email this […]

2009 Revenant Film Festival

This afternoon, starting at 4:00 p.m. and running up against midnight, the 2009 Revenant Film Festival is going down at Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry. My buddy and hardcore undead aficionado Mark Henry is going to be one of the hosts, and frankly, that makes it worth the cover charge right there. So click […]


For all the budget it clearly lacked and for all the press coverage it doesn’t seem to be getting, Pandorum is actually a damn fine example of a damn fine little genre movie. The set-up is simple, appropriately desperate, and fantastically tense; the characters are smart, reasonable, and determined; and the reveal/resolution is cool and […]