September 30, 2009

First – links roundup. Then – Fort Freak metrics. Then, I beg those of you who haven’t tried Boneshaker yet to give it a shot. But I beg in an understated way, with tasteful links that aren’t particularly shouty or anything. I hope.

  • Pop culture landscape becoming a Zombieland – I throw my two cents in to “Zombies … why so cool?” conversation. Big thanks to Mike at Newsarama, who pinged me about this yesterday – for he required a CERTIFIED ZOMBIE EXPERT. But he had to settle for me.

  • Big thanks also to the beautiful people of Coilhouse – And if you’re not checking out this page/this magazine on a regular basis, then ’tis a pity.

  • And to Cory Doctorow, who was kind enough to chime in on Boneshaker – I love his assertion that it’s a “zombie steampunk mad-science dungeon crawl family adventure novel” and I totally wish I’d thought of it.

  • Updated Boneshaker FAQ – Yes, I posted this yesterday, but I’ve added a couple of things. For example, there should be a Kindle edition available soon (within a few days), but to the best of my knowledge no other ebooks are forthcoming at this time. I may be wrong. If so, I’ll correct myself later.

  • Revival of the Arkham Asylum hair – Because it has made me immensely happy over the last month, I’ve just gotten the ‘do refreshed. If you’re local to Seattle, and either in the Capital Hill area or willing to visit it, just ask if you’d like my stylist’s contact info. She’s very, very good. Can’t recommend her enough.

Here’s today’s progress on my modern pseudo-noir police procedural about a neighborhood full of mutated freaks, a sexy former court reporter, an aging cop who’s being forced into retirement, and a multiple murder that took place thirty years ago in an all-night diner called “The Rathole.”

Project: Fort Freak “Remember the Rathole”
New Words: 1854 (not bad!)
Present Total Word Count: 28,776 words
Goal: 30,000 words
Due date: October 15

Things accomplished in fiction: Wrapped up Section Twelve.

Things accomplished in real life: Did day-job work; went and got my hair did; cleaned house a little; not much else, really.

Next up: Holy crap. I have to write the final section/big reveal/mystery wrap-up. I think I can I think I can I think I can …

Other: Jiminycricket, I’m tired.

4 thoughts on “September 30, 2009

  1. Mindy

    Bought Boneshaker yesterday. Really needed to be doing other stuf ™ and ended up reading 325 pages. It’s really, really good, and I’m going to be sad when I’m done!

  2. I have just come across your site and it’s really good.

    Can you buy signed books from any bookshop?? If so do you think they will send them to the U.K?

    I look forward to reading it and maybe do a book review at some point for my blog.

    All the best.


  3. Vincent, first of all thanks – and second, you can get the book through, but I don’t believe it’s generally being carried elsewhere there (at this time). Third, I wish I could sign all the books, but alas, that’s not in the cards right now.

    Mindy, thanks so much! I’m glad you’re digging it :)

  4. Thanks for your reply,

    I have orderd a copy on Amazon. Hope I get it soon. I am also now following you on twitter,which should be fun.


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