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Hello everyone! And many, many thanks to everyone who’s helped retweet, repost, link, and shill Boneshaker today. You guys are truly amazing, and I couldn’t do it without you! So now, very quickly (before I log off and join the husband for a celebratory supper) – let me answer a few of the more frequently asked questions I’ve gotten today.

  • Can we get this book signed? Yes, but right now I’m afraid I can only sign it if you catch me in person. I used to have a P.O. box to which people could send their books with postage-paid envelopes for return; but the box became impractical when the price of the damn thing doubled on me. I did some asking around today, and the nearest option only has the BIG (and EXPENSIVE) boxes available, and the nearby postal store is also beyond my fiscal range right now.

  • Will you be making any local appearances? Yes. I’ll be at SteamCon next month, at the University District bookstore with Jeff VanderMeer and Cat Rambo on November 4th, at Third Place Books in December, and maybe also at Secret Garden in Ballard right around Halloween. I will be more precise as details become more clear. Believe me, I’ll keep you updated.

  • Are you open to making other appearances? Absolutely. If you’re within rather immediate driving distance of Seattle (I have an old car on its last legs), I’ll be happy to make whatever event you’d care to arrange. If you’re farther away and can help with travel/lodging expenses, I’ll do my level best to show up and smile and sign like crazy.

  • Why no ebook? Why no button to request it on Kindle? It ought to be available in Kindle format before very long – sometime within the next few days. Keep checking! I’ll try to keep checking too, and send up the flag when it’s time to salute.

  • Can I nab a review copy for [:: insert legitimate publication/review site here ::]? Probably! Email me a snail mail address and your credentials, and I’ll pass your info along to my publicist — who is pretty much a superwoman when it comes to these things.

  • Does it matter where I buy/order it? Not to me. But it probably matters to your local independent booksellers, who I recommend you support when possible. That having been said, Barnes & Noble (and its employees) have been very kind to me (and they’re pretty reliable about carrying my stuff), so I often recommend them, too.

  • Isn’t there some kind of steampunk thing BONESHAKER is part of at B&N? Yes, but that doesn’t start until October. So don’t be too surprised if you don’t see Boneshaker out in the store quite yet; some locations are holding out for October’s end-cap promo. But you can always ask for the book. They ought to have it in stock by now, it just might not be on the shelf.

Okay – that’s all I’ve got for now, but if you have any other questions by all means ask — and I’ll do my best to answer them. Many thanks again, to all of you!

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Last Modified on September 30, 2009
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2 thoughts on “Hasty FAQs

  1. Why no hardcover, dang it? Sigh. I know it wasn’t your decision, but it irks me that something that I really was looking forward to is in a format that won’t last as long as a hardcover!

  2. Yeah Fred, I’m sorry. It wasn’t my call.
    But there’s always the chance a hardback edition might pop up later.
    Believe me, I’ll keep you posted.


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