Clarkdale Elementary

By special request – Clarkdale Elementary School found itself almost completely underwater following the recent storms and flooding in North Georgia. Everybody got out of the storm’s way safely, but the school itself did not fare so well.

In short, the building and all its supplies are a total loss.

Via a reader’s email this afternoon: “My children’s school, Nicholson Elementary, is asking for donations to resupply the classrooms. Little things like Ziploc bags, pencils, backpacks, erasers as well as other larger items like playground equipment and computers. Monetary donations are fine, but they are not asking for that.”

To be clear, the Nicholson school is accepting donations on behalf of the Clarkdale school.

I’ve been given permission to post the emailer’s address and name as a point of contact if you have any questions, so you can reach Thomas Bowman at — or contact the school directly at (770) 928-5573. You can also click here to find the contact information for the principal and staff. Nicholson Elementary School is located at 1599 Shallowford Road – Marietta, GA 30066.

So if anyone has any stray school supplies they can toss into the pot, 442 kids and their teachers could really use the help.

This post has been edited for fact-fixing and general clarity.

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  1. Thank you Cherie for posting this. I am sure all you generous followers will assist with the donations to the school. For those that prefer phone to email, my number can be found on my website Feel free to call me for any information or just to let me know your passing the word around. Thank you to all who assist us here in Georgia, and thanks again to Ms. Priest who’s heart is beyond measure.

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