Links roundup

  • Attention vintage/steampunk/thrifty shoppers — Military surplus CLEARANCE at I stocked up on the 99-cent black wool wrist-warmers and nabbed a couple of super-cheap canvas ammo bags to tote stuff around town (and conventions, conferences, events, parties, etc.). Though why Uncle Sam is also trying to unload maroon tube tops at bargain basement prices, I haven’t the foggiest.

  • Genre Chicks Interview with yours truly – Conducted by the utterly inimitable, thoroughly fabulous, and wickedly awesome Alethea Kontis. We talk superheroes, goggles, steampunk fashion practicalities, and books.

  • Food for Poems – My sister is a poetry M.A. and a foodie, so she put two plus two together and came up with a foodie blog spiced with poetry. Visit her page for everything from general insight into why Edna St. Vincent Millay is accessible but lyrical … to how coconut goes so nicely with marshmallows, peanut butter, and bananas.

  • DO ANYTHING – Because Warren Ellis tells you to, that’s why. Also, it’s a marvelous running BLEEDING COOL column about all kinds of great, wazzy stuff.

  • Exhibit A for why Fan Culture is totally awesome – This link will take you to a page detailing the creation of a Big Daddy costume (which was accessorized by a Little Sister and a Splicer, respectively). If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you clearly have not played BIOSHOCK. And you should. But if you DO know what I’m talking about, then for the love of God – click and be amazed.

  • The very fine folks at SF SIGNAL loved BONESHAKER – And I love them. That’s a great bunch of people over there. I’m just sayin’.

  • See also: The Mad Hatter’s Bookshelf and Book Review – Where BONESHAKER received a grade of nine out of ten hats! Seriously, what’s not to love about a review site that rates things in hats?

  • Likewise: Fantasy Book Critic – Where it is said of BONESHAKER that “… overall the writing was top-notch led by accessible and skillful prose, crisp dialogue and cinematic-like pacing. On top of that, the story was a lot of fun, the setting was creative, and I cared about the characters, especially Briar. In short, I immensely enjoyed “Boneshaker” and can’t wait to read more books in the Clockwork Century series.”

  • And I got my first REAL LIVE COPY – Liz sent it to me! And it’s beeeyooootiful. Really, you should click that link just to see me making (as Bill at Subpress put it), the “happy-hamster-who-just-found-the-peanuts smile.”

  • BONESHAKER COMES OUT IN A WEEK OMG OMG – And if YOU would like to order a copy (don’t you want to order a copy? Please say you do ….) just click that-there link and Amazon will kick one to your door as soon as the street date lands.

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