hay party people can I get a what-what

Quick question for you guys.
Yes, you guys. Gals. Etcetera.

In short, do you have any questions you’d like to ask about steampunk in general, or about Boneshaker and the Clockwork Century in particular?

I’ve been asked to write a short piece about my next project and/or the subculture where it fits; and if I can answer any burning questions people may have on these subjects, then so much the better.

Comment here, or over on LJ, or drop me an email at – cherie.priest@gmail.com
And thanks for your input!

8 thoughts on “hay party people can I get a what-what

  1. Twilight2000

    Some folks don’t see the difference between the Steampunk culture and the Goth culture (yea, I know) – might be nice to address the differences and overlaps :>.

  2. Where did steampunk originate, and when? Does it correspond to a time period in our world, or is it a time of its own? What do you think is the book that everyone should read as a gateway to steampunk?

    Also, is China Miéville’s children’s book, UN LUN DUN, considered to be steampunk?

    I can’t wait for BONESHAKER–I have all the others!


  3. My husband is a manga fanatic. I’ve seen several steampunk-type volumes in his collection over the last few years (Full Metal Alchemist is a BIG one). Maybe you could address the similarities and differences of the steampunk novel vs these comics. As well as similarities/differences of the two mediums.

    If you had anything to say about it, that is.

    On a side note, I’m so excited for BONESHAKER and can’t wait for my pre-order to get here. I love the steampunk world in manga like Full Metal Alchemist but just can’t get into very many stories-with-pictures for some reason (much to the hubby’s chagrin).

  4. Drollish

    Why do you think Steampunk is becoming so popular right now? Do you think it’s speaking to a particular need or anti-need?

    Some people view steampunk as a backlash against technology — do you think that’s true? What’s your view on technology? You’re so engaged on the social media side do you see it as connective or disconnective?

  5. My husband says that “Steampunk is when the Goth kids grow into adulthood and are no longer so mad at their parents.” We are both into Steampunk. ; )

    Steampunk is a aesthetic art movement that started with artists. That’s probably the biggest difference. It isn’t identified with a form of music, or a movie, or a book series. It’s an Aesthetic and an ideal future/past that never existed. But it gives an artist some boundaries. And you just have to face it, the clothes make everyone look good!

  6. Jess Nevins

    Why do you rock so hard?

  7. edifanob

    Do you feel like a forerunner of a new “wave” of steampunk authors?

    Will there be more steampunk technique (airships, automatons, calculation engines, submarines,….) in your Clockwork Century world?

    Any plans for a Clockwork Century movie?

  8. What do you feel is the heart of steampunk? Is it the punk movement, the rebellion against the authority or social mores of the time? Or is it the low tech high tech sort of technology? Or the aesthetic?

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