Still trying to be helpful, informative, etc.

Yesterday at the PNBA trade show, I was accosted literally dozens of times and asked to explain “steampunk.” Most of the gentle accosters had only recently heard the term, and had absolutely no idea what it meant, where it came from, or what it was about.

I did my very best to be helpful, and I learned quite a bit in the process. Maybe most importantly — I learned that a great number of people would like to take an interest in steampunk … if only they had the faintest clue what it was.

So here I go, trying to provide that clue. Over on my page, I’ve created a Steampunk FAQ — something less philosophical and intense than my previous manifesto on the subject. Yes, this is my stab at creating an absolute entry-level introduction to one of my favorite things.

I tried to keep it inclusive but precise, and lighthearted but concrete. If you like it, awesome — feel free to link it around or show it to people who have questions. If you hate it, tell me why. If you have any queries you’d like to see added to the list, chime in.

So here it is. My Steampunk FAQ.

One thought on “Still trying to be helpful, informative, etc.

  1. Joe

    Everything I know about Steampunk, I learned from Jay Lake and you. And I consider myself pretty dang well informed. So much so that, when a friend of mine asked me about it recently, I was able to explain it in a few minutes, and he left saying, “Ah, got it.”

    Also told him to hit your web site.

    Finally, did you SEE all the steampunk at DragonCon this year?!? Of course you did! Last year there was virtually nil. And this year…it was everywhere. And the costumes rocked!

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