oh wise and terrible internets, lend me your advice

As you know, I’ve recently done a blue/purple/green dye-job on my hair. It’s awesome, and I’d like to keep it looking awesome as long as possible. I already (a). don’t wash my hair but 2-3 times a week, in cool water, and (b). use a good salon-brand color-preserving shampoo/conditioner with which I am quite happy, so I don’t need any suggestions on these points.

But I want to hear your opinions on dry shampoos. Powders, sprays, whatever. I’d like something to freshen up the ol’ technicolor haystack in between suds.

I’ve already tried Tigi’s Rockaholic — which worked fairly well, but like others on the internet have complained, the bottle worked for about half a dozen uses … and then the contents evaporated and/or the nozzle clogged, and I was left with a $25 conversation piece; so I’m not terribly interested in re-investing in this product. But I’d like something like it, or something that performs in a comparable manner.

So. Any thoughts?
I’m most interested in personal experiences, so go ahead.
Fire away.


4 thoughts on “oh wise and terrible internets, lend me your advice

  1. I haven’t tried them, but LUSH has some dry shampoos. Their moisturizer and cleansing bars rock socks for the face, so I can only assume their dry shampoos are awesome too.

  2. If you wanna try a DIY method: Mix equal parts baby power and baking soda, sprinkle into your hair and brush through. Then fluff with a blow dryer. It works well enough to get me an extra day between shampooing.

    Also, the alcohol in hair spray will absorb oil, so I just spray my roots if I’m in a pinch.

  3. Rachael W

    I have known several people who used and swore by Bumble & Bumble.

  4. I second the baby powder/baking soda mix, just make sure you brush well or you’ll look like you’re going prematurely grey in such a dark hair color scheme.

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