Almost-mid-week miscellany

  • SciFiGuy reviews BONESHAKER. The review is generally friendly and thorough, and well-considered, and not at all spoilery — so go ahead and read it without fear. Also, read the comments. Kmont is a good guesser. And I greatly appreciate the advice that’s given to Rhianna.

  • Up-close shot of the Arkham Asylum hair. Because today is my dad’s birthday (happy birthday!) and he asked to see a close-up of the bruise-colored rainbow on my head. To answer the couple dozen people who’ve asked, I have no idea what colors these are or what brand. This was done at Salon Ciba on Capital Hill, by stylist Judy Yoon (who I most heartily recommend).

  • Once more with feeling. Even though I’ve mentioned it before, I’m getting at least one or two emails or comments a day asking where I got this corset. The answer is: Damsel In This Dress. I recommend this seller every bit as highly as I recommend my hairdresser (and there’s a formal website, too, with more stock and ordering options).

  • The PNBA trade show. I’ll be there, later on this week. I’ll be taking the train down to Portland, dressing up in pretty much exactly what I was wearing Friday at DragonCon (by request of the organizers!) and hocking the hell out of Boneshaker.

  • BONESHAKER. ZOMG WILL BE OUT THIS MONTH. Official drop date is the 29th, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it sneaking onto shelves sooner than that. Really, there’s no telling. So if I seem vague and evasive when you ask me when it’s officially out, please understand that I’m not being deliberately obtuse. I’m merely uncertain.

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