September 30, 2009

First – links roundup. Then – Fort Freak metrics. Then, I beg those of you who haven’t tried Boneshaker yet to give it a shot. But I beg in an understated way, with tasteful links that aren’t particularly shouty or anything. I hope. Pop culture landscape becoming a Zombieland – I throw my two cents […]

Hasty FAQs

Hello everyone! And many, many thanks to everyone who’s helped retweet, repost, link, and shill Boneshaker today. You guys are truly amazing, and I couldn’t do it without you! So now, very quickly (before I log off and join the husband for a celebratory supper) – let me answer a few of the more frequently […]


Oh my God, you guys — IT’S FINALLY HERE. That’s right, as of TODAY my seventh novel, BONESHAKER is officially available … and I for one could not be happier (as I trust you can gather by the accompanying photo). Go on! Click right here! Note the big green “IN STOCK” status on And […]