August 23, 2009 has been updated … with cast information/some character bios from Dreadnought. Click over there and scroll down to the bottom to get a sneak peak and a few hints about what you might find in that book, when it debuts next year. * * * * * And here’s the weekend’s progress on my […]

August 21, 2009

TOMORROW: Signing and release party for the Grants Pass anthology at Soul Food Books in Redmond, WA. I won’t be there, I’m afraid. But Jay Lake and Shannon Page will be present, as well as Seanan McGuire and Jennifer Brozek. You can order/preorder the anthology right here. My contribution to this collection is called “Hell’s […]

August 19, 2009

Certified, pre-owned cats. Great ad campaign by a Michigan humane society, and the message is applicable absolutely anywhere. As for me, I have a genuine certified pre-owned Tennessee Random Cat. Still runs great. Has most of her original parts, sans a bit of intestine she lost to hair twistie removal surgery. Over the years her […]