How do I love Publishers Weekly? Let me count the ways:

    Starred review [!!!OMG!!!!] Boneshaker, Cherie Priest. Tor, $15.99 paper (416p) ISBN 978-0-7653-1841-1

    Maternal love faces formidable challenges in this stellar steampunk tale. In an alternate 1880s America, mad inventor Leviticus Blue is blamed for destroying Civil War–era Seattle. When Zeke Wilkes, Blue’s son, goes into the walled wreck of a city to clear his father’s name, Zeke’s mother, Briar Wilkes, follows him in an airship, determined to rescue her son from the toxic gas that turns people into zombies (called rotters and described in gut-churning detail). When Briar learns that Seattle still has a mad inventor, Dr. Minnericht, who eerily resembles her dead husband, a simple rescue quickly turns into a thrilling race to save Zeke from the man who may be his father. Intelligent, exceptionally well written and showcasing a phenomenal strong female protagonist who embodies the complexities inherent in motherhood, this yarn is a must-read for the discerning steampunk fan. (Oct.)

I am so happy and relieved and overjoyed that I scarcely know where to begin, except to say THANK YOU to the readers and editors over at PW, and then to add this: Boneshaker will actually be available in September.

It was originally pushed as being an October title,* but due to some happy circumstances and twists of scheduling, it will now be out a bit earlier than that … in just a few short weeks! I am so psyched about this that I can barely sit still, and no, that’s not an exaggeration.

Okay. Squeeing accomplished. Sorry to be so brief, but I have to get some work done and tackle some errands before running somebody to the airport.

[:: crosses arms ::]
[:: blinks like a genie ::]
[:: disappears in poof of gleeful pink smoke ::]

* Thus PW’s designation of it as an October book; and since I’ve been seeing a lot of other places discuss Boneshaker as an October book also, this is as good an opportunity as any to set the record straight. Or rather, to update it.

Last Modified on August 31, 2009
this article FTW!

11 thoughts on “FTW!

  1. Jess Nevins


  2. Not only do I congratulate your win, I want to thank you for being the catalyst behind looking up “steampunk.” Until now, I had no idea what it meant. You really do learn something new every day.

  3. That is a great review! Can’t wait to read the book!

  4. Kat

    Great review! I have my copy already pre-ordered and am counting down the days until it gets here.

  5. *squee!*

  6. Woo and Hoo!

  7. Woo!!! I was about to talk about how bummed I am to have to wait till September, but then I realized this is Aug. 31st. So, maybe I can suck it up and deal for a day or so. ;) This book sounds fabulous – can’t wait!

  8. edifanob

    Great news! I really appreciate the change of publishing date. I sent a pre order for your book in July. I didn’t need a review to decide whether I to get your book or not.
    I just checked amazon.de New delivery date will be 10th of September. I can’t wait to read Boneshaker. …

  9. Joe

    And now you don’t have to catch a flight to DragonCon. You can just walk on air… Congrats!

  10. CONGRATULATIONS! Waiting is less :)

  11. That’s awesome!!! WAHOO! Been DYING for this one!

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