• Needly Needly Needly. Visited the Space Needle with Rosie and Caitlin, and was offered fish. Accepted fish. Held fish. Loved fish. Made silly faces.

  • Clockwork Century updated with artwork. To be more precise, you can click to go peek at some of Jon Foster’s preliminary sketches, from back when he was chatting with Tor about what the cover art should look like.

  • New corset and bustle arrived in time for DCon. And I, for one, am tickled. I wish I had a better picture, though. Sorry. But it’s wicked cute, and looks awesome with hats and goggles and boots and other assorted frippery.*

* Because people always ask – the bustle and corset came from here … and the bustle is pictured with a bustle pillow from here. However, the bustle-seller appears to be out of bustles at the moment (though her corsets are to DIE for); and for those who are interested, I’ve also gotten a couple of very nice bustles from this seller.


  1. ericka

    That’s so funny – damselinthisdress is where I ordered my corset & bustle, too.

    Anyway, I freaking love those sketches.

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