August 21, 2009

TOMORROW: Signing and release party for the Grants Pass anthology at Soul Food Books in Redmond, WA. I won’t be there, I’m afraid. But Jay Lake and Shannon Page will be present, as well as Seanan McGuire and Jennifer Brozek.

You can order/preorder the anthology right here. My contribution to this collection is called “Hell’s Bells,” and it’s about an autistic child who’s abandoned at a hospital during an apocalyptic plague.

* * * * *

Here’s today’s progress on my modern pseudo-noir police procedural about a neighborhood full of mutated freaks, a sexy former court reporter, an aging cop who’s being forced into retirement, and a multiple murder that took place thirty years ago in an all-night diner called “The Rathole.”

Project: Fort Freak “Remember the Rathole” (tentative)
New Words: 2002 (not bad)
Present Total Word Count: 10,600 words
Goal: 30,000 words
Due date: October 15

Things accomplished in fiction: Wrapped up Section Three. Was shooting for 2000 words, and I pretty much nailed it. Wrote a scene between two old cops that turned into an episode of “Who’s More Grizzled?”

Things accomplished in real life: Did day-job work; tidied apartment; exchanged business emails; not much else.

Other: At present, I have about 20,000 words to go, and ten more sections. The plan is as follows — I will try to keep the next few subsequent sections under 2000 words each, in order to “save up” room for the conclusion/big reveal. Eh. Well. One way or another, I’ve got to keep that average intact, anyway. We’ll see how it goes.

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