Taking a risk

EDIT: ALL OUT. Thanks so much to those of you who asked for samples! But I’m afraid I need to keep the rest for the upcoming convention season. HOWEVER. As some have asked, I do in fact have the two (very large, high-res) JPGs which make up the handbill — and I can email those to anyone who wants them.

Okay, folks. I’ve had so many people ask if they could have a few of these handbills that at this point, it’d be downright rude not to set some aside. So I went out and bought some envelopes that fit them nicely; I cut off a sacrificial portion of handbills from my main stash; and I’m ready to dole them out in batches of oh, say, ten or fifteen.

On a first-come, first-served basis, I’ll ship these to folks who email their snail mail addresses to: cherie.priest@gmail.com — but when my sacrificial stack is depleted, that’s all she wrote (so to speak).


  • I only have a limited number of these, and as a matter of necessity, I’m saving the bulk of them for DragonCon, SteamCon, and the PNBA conference in a few weeks. I don’t have enough to mail everyone a big fat stack, so please do not take this personally.

  • They are expensive, and I can’t afford to make any more of them right now.

  • If at all possible, I’d ask those who receive handbills to please distribute at least some of them. Libraries, bookstores, university student centers — anyplace such handbills or flyers are welcome (and please don’t leave them where they won’t be welcome). If you have a special case, i.e., you work at a library or a bookstore or a coffeeshop where these flyers might be particularly well-suited, then feel free to let me know. I might be persuaded to make exceptions to that first-come, first-served thing.

Anyway, now I have an errand to run. This errand will take about an hour. I’ll start sorting out the handbill thing when I get back.

Last Modified on August 17, 2009
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