August 17, 2009

Here’s today’s progress on my modern pseudo-noir police procedural about a neighborhood full of mutated freaks, a sexy former court reporter, an aging cop who’s being forced into retirement, and a multiple murder that took place thirty years ago in an all-night diner called “The Rathole.”

Project: Fort Freak “Remember the Rathole” (tentative)
New Words: 2225 (pretty good)
Present Total Word Count: 6326 words
Goal: 30,000 words
Due date: October 15

Things accomplished in fiction: Finished Section One. (Not exactly chapters. Sections.) It runs way long, vis-a-vis how I have to fit thirteen sections into thirty thousand words; but this was the introduction and it was bound to be so. Regardless, just in case, I’ve built in a “hypothetical break” on the off chance that the editor changes his mind and splits this into two parts.

Things accomplished in real life: Wrapped up one day-job project and received another; some housework including laundry; removed FIVE BEES from my living space (ZOMGWTF??) but didn’t kill any of them; mailed out handbills/flyers; ran errands.

Other: None.

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One thought on “August 17, 2009

  1. ZOMGBEES! I would have fainted. I’m very allergic to bees. Good gowing on not killing them, though.

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