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For some time now, I’ve been meaning to write up a little steampunk primer post to serve as an introduction for people who aren’t familiar with the term or the aesthetic. But every time I started writing I got sidetracked, and began wandering, and ended up with something bulkier and denser than I really wanted.

So I gave up.

Last weekend’s PNWA conference really underscored for me how many people are (a). totally interested in the subject, but (b). have no idea (or only a vague idea) what it is. So I’ve taken another stab at the topic over on TheClockworkCentury.com (since that’s where my steampunk universe hub is located).

It’s only an overview, and a bit “Steampunk 101”-esque at that, but I tried very hard to make it both informative and personal, and at least kind of brief. And although this is an essay and not a Wikipedia article, I’m open to feedback or suggestions.

Steampunk: What it is, why I came to like it, and why I think it’ll stick around.

Thanks a bunch for reading!

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