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Last night I went to my friend Kat Richardson‘s book release event for her new novel Vanished. The reading was really great — well attended, and a whole lot of fun. I recommend nabbing that book … or well, heck, the whole series really. May as well start at the beginning.

* * * * *

Speaking of the University of Washington Bookstore (I did. Just now. That’s where the reading was held.) … things have finally firmed up for my next event there. On November 4, at 7:00 p.m., you’ll find me at this grand establishment in the very fine company of Jeff VanderMeer and Cat Rambo. (Don’t worry. I’ll post a reminder closer to the event.)

I’ll be shilling Boneshaker, of course. And talking steampunk. And generally being tickled pink.

By the way, if you if you click that-there link above, you’ll see that Amazon finally has Boneshaker‘s cover image and flap copy up, and the listing looks like a real live page from which one could preorder the book, if one were so inclined. I’m just sayin’.

* * * * *

In other news, as you know Bob, I’ll be attending DragonCon next month and I, for one, cannot wait! Already I’m gathering gear and contemplating dress-up wear, whilst pondering how best to warp the space-time continuum in order to get all this stuff to Atlanta without checking any bags.

I don’t have my final schedule pinned down yet, but it looks like you’ll find me on the dark fantasy track as well as the alternate-history/steampunk track, so it is to be hoped that I’ll be a very busy girl all weekend — parties and old friends and costumes aside.

* * * * *

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for now, folks … except possibly this video of Spain the Cat, since such videos are so popular. Today’s installment features the fat little monster lounging on the bed, refusing to vacate it … until she is lovingly pestered into submission. Enjoy!

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