I’m back! And I’ve got links!

  • Who likes cover flats? WE like cover flats! And Mark Henry has all your cover flat and transvestite needs covered today, I tell you what. Contest going on over at his page. Click to go check it out, if only to read a little pun and watch Divine do a little strut.

  • SFWA.org as revamped by Mary Robinette Kowal. And therefore the organization was hauled kicking and screaming into the Century of the Fruitbat. NOW it looks like the hub of a modern writers association, and not like something done on Angelfire back in 1995. Good on ya, Mary.

  • How gaming ruined my life and left me a shiftless degenerate. Nah, just kidding. It’s an interview with yours truly over at GrindingToValhalla, vis-a-vis how my experiences gaming (video gaming, LARPing, etc.) have shaped and influenced the things I write today. Nice folks over there.

  • Fish swimming among the ruins. Well, they’re cute little resin ruins, purchased today and installed in Merrimack’s freshly scrubbed tank. She seems to approve. At least, I’ve seen her swimming in and out of the little doorways and hanging out inside the wee courtyard.

  • Spain the Cat loves Neil deGrasse Tyson too. Lest the kitty feel left out, here’s a video of me and her watching NOVA: SCIENCE NOW together. She loves her some astrophysics in the evening, she does. Beware: This one winds up with her doing kneady-paws on my tummy, which inexplicably looks ENORMOUS. For the sake of scale (and personal vanity), please recall that the cat weighs about twelve pounds and is immensely fluffy. Ahem.

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