Update on the Auction

001 See this picture, this one right here? That’s what I’m about to tote off to the post office.

The auction results were very, very good — and I’m (a). thrilled to have been able to raise some dough for Travis, and (b). happy to get some of this excess stock out of my home.

Only about half the people who bid yesterday have paid already (which is fine, and even a very good percentage, really); so this is only about half of what I’m going to ship, if all goes according to plan. I have found a box in which to tote all this good stuff down the street to the post shop, and I’ll be making that short jaunt very shortly.

If you have responded to the paypal invoice by right this moment (as I am composing this post), your package will go out today. If I receive it after this post, it will go out tomorrow morning (or whenever you get around to responding).

    General stats:

    • All told, there were about 200 bids.
    • The winning bidders have all been notified and invoiced.
    • Apart from the winning items, about 30 people wanted to claim a stray copy Dreadful Skin or Not Flesh Nor Feathers

DISCLAIMER: I have done my level best to sort through all this and respond to everyone, but I think the record will reflect that gmail is not always 100% reliable and furthermore, neither is paypal. Already, this morning I have failed to receive one paypal notification from someone who successfully paid for his product; so although I try to go through these things with a fine-toothed comb (that’s how I caught this particular problem), sometimes things slip through the cracks.

ERGO: If you never received any acknowledgment to your original email regarding a bid or a request for a stray paperback, please let me know. (Note: I have not responded to paypal receipts unless I’ve had a question.)

LIKEWISE: If, within a reasonable time frame, you do not receive what you ordered, by all means let me know and one way or another, I’ll fix it. This having been said, it’s worth noting the following.

THE FOLLOWING: Orders for stray paperbacks will be shipped media rate, because I do not have all the money in the world and I’m not taking any of the dough out of the Travis fund for postage. However, bid-winners’ books will go priority rate. Please take these things into account before you worry.

SO IN CLOSING: Thanks again to everyone who helped spread the word, who donated, and who bid and bought. I know you’re all wondering about the grand haul, but I hate to count chickens before they hatch — and as I said, many of the stray paperback buyers have not yet replied to the invoices (which is perfectly reasonable, it’s not even been 12 hours and I’m not holding that against anybody). But I will say this: At this moment, over $700 have come into the auction fund, and if all the invoices come through, as much as another $200 or so might be added.

So three cheers for the internet, eh?
And three cheers for my old pal Travis, who is just about the nicest son of a bitch I ever did know.


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