Day: July 29, 2009


My outstandingly marvelous employer (and sometimes publisher) at Subterranean Press has freshly announced a new bit of awesome:

For a limited time only, he’s dropped the price of the paperback Dreadful Skin edition to $12. Offer ends tomorrow. Profits to go to his marvelous Travis-ness.

Please use paypal if at all possible, as it makes things easier on Subterranean’s end.

If you’ve put in for one of my ten-dollar copies, you’re still covered, no problem. But I’m effectively out of stock on these, so henceforth you should to go through the publisher instead.

So I post this to tell you that, and to send a hearty THANK YOU ALL for the signal boost, the bids, the donations, and the love. It’s enough to restore one’s faith in humanity, I tells ya — and tomorrow afternoon, I’ll tells ya what the haul was before I declare the event completed.


Wheels and the Promise of Wheels

This fund-raiser has ended. I am all out of stuff, running out of energy, and now I just have to sort out the bids. Thank you so much to everyone who linked, bid, or otherwise contributed — your efforts are greatly appreciated and you are furthermore awesome people.

HOWEVER. If you are still interested in (a). participating, or (b). getting a really cool book on the cheap, please see THIS POST regarding a very nice thing done by my employer.

* * * * *

Ladies, gentlemen, et. al. — today I’m going to try something unprecedented (on this-here page). I’m going to run a silent auction in order to get rid of some personal items from my Stash O’ Author Stuff.

“Why?” you may ask.

Well, the short version is that a friend of mine is in a bind, and I know him well enough to know that he’d rather take a fork to the eyeball than take money from anybody. So I’m not going to open my wallet and give him money. I’m going to try to raise him some money, which is, like, totally different.

I have at my immediate disposal — and am willing to part with — a whole bunch of things from my personal stash.

[Aside: Ebay hates me (long story) so I can’t put these up for an ordinary auction. (Bonus: This way he won’t know how much I raise so I can slip in a few bucks myself and he WON’T EVEN KNOW HAHAHAHA. Ahem.)]

It’ll work like this. If you see anything you like in the list below, drop me a private email – – and tell me (a). what item/items you want, and (b). how much you’re bidding. Tomorrow, I’ll choose the highest bidders and contact them with a paypal invoice.

I will cover all shipping and handling charges myself.
Repeat: There will be NO shipping or handling charges.
I’m doing this from my living room with my own envelopes and stuff.

And if you can’t or won’t offer more than the minimum bid, feel free to bid anyway. You never know. You might be the only person who wants that item.

Here’s the LOOT that’s UP FOR GRABS:

  • Not one, but TWO Advance Reader’s Copies of Boneshaker. Won’t be out for another couple of months in real life, but you can have an early peek with one of these ARCs. (minimum bid: $10 each)
  • One SIGNED, LIMITED EDITION of Those Who Went Remain There Still. This book is presently sold out in its trade form, with only a few of these special limited editions remaining. The limited runs $40 through the publisher, but this is one of my own author’s copies. (minimum bid: $25)
  • One SIGNED, LIMITED EDITION of Dreadful Skin – NOT the oversized paperback linked here, but the hardback which has been sold out for several years. Again, this is one of my author’s copies. I believe it too retailed for $40, but it’s been so long I can’t remember. (minimum bid: $25)
  • My SOLE REMAINING COPY of Apex Digest: Volume 1, issue 12 — the issue wherein the story “The Heavy” appears. Signed however you like it. (minimum bid: $10)
  • ONE FULL SET of all three EDEN MOORE NOVELS, Four and Twenty Blackbirds, Wings to the Kingdom, and Not Flesh Nor Feathers. All signed and personalized at your preference. (minimum bid, $25)
  • ONE COPY of Fathom, hardback. Signed however you want it. (minimum bid: $15)
  • MULTIPLE COPIES of Not Flesh Nor Feathers and the TRADE PAPERBACK edition of Dreadful Skin. [Edit: No more copies of DS. But click here for a similar offer put forth by Subterranean.] Due to a mix-up regarding my author’s copies (with both Tor and Subterranean, coincidentally enough), I ended up with twice the usual number — and I have about twenty copies of each of these titles that I’ll sell, signed, for ten bucks each. I’ll pull this particular listing in the event that I sell out, and I won’t invoice anybody until I’ve counted everything, to be on the safe side. Just speak up via email and claim one if you want one.

If you’d like to know the longer version of why I’m selling off these books, click the jump below and all will be revealed (or, if you’re reading this via direct link or RSS feed, just scroll down a little farther).

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