Here’s today’s progress on the alternate-history battlefield adventure about a widowed nurse from a Confederate hospital aboard a west-bound train pulled by a Union war engine — now with military intrigue, steampunk Texas rangers, undead political separatists, murderous plots, bushwhackers, bandits, sabotage, and epic scenes of mayhem:

Project: Dreadnought
New Words: 3413 (not bad)
Present Total Word Count: 122,181 words
Goal: 140,000 words

Things Accomplished in Real Life: Did day-job work; cleaned house (even the floors); had drinks with Ellen; visited Caitlin‘s cats; began work on secret internet project.

Darling du Jour: “The tunnel gaped and yawned, and devoured the great train slowly — incrementally — like one snake swallowing another.”

Reason for Stopping: Time to take a few minutes to work on secret internet project. Shhhh!