July 8, 2009

What a most excellent day! Not from a word-progress standpoint, though that’s been respectable, if not grandiose; but there was good mail, and money, and helpful information, and professional invitations too.

To give you the highlights reel: (a). I’ve just found out I’ll be attending the Pacific Northwest Bookseller’s Association trade show in Portland come September, which is sure to be a hoot. I’ve done three of these trade shows in the past, and it’s always an awesome, productive time surrounded by books. And then (b). today, at long last, a couple of signed and returned contracts finally made that alchemical transformation into Real Life Money. This resulted in me running around the living room squealing, frightening the cat, and then dashing to the bank with my lovely new check.

Upon depositing same, I (a). set aside a chunk against taxes, and then (b). jumped through the requisite hoops to pay the entirety of my credit card debt.

Yup. That’s right. Killed off every penny.

It feels … strange. I’ve had big fat sums hanging over my head since shortly after college, at which point I found myself without any health insurance and a propensity towards coming down with pneumonia once every few years. Granted, I was also quite simply bad with credit like so many young people are, so I’m not pretending that mine was entirely a virtuous debt; but health issues significantly compounded the problem, taking the figure from being Dumbass Twenty-Something Party-Fund Debt to Serious Crushing Difficulty Debt.

[As a brief aside: Those of you who have recently wondered why it’d been over ten years since I’d been to the dentist … well, there you go. For the last five years I’ve been driving a car with its left headlight held on by packing tape. A routine six-month cleaning was pie in the sky frivolity.]

So yes, this is a momentous day indeed — though to take the edge off my glee, I also got mail reminding me that I still owe over $30,000 in student loan debt (and that’s after spending the last ten years paying on it). So three cheers for two steps forward, and only one step back. :)

* * * * *

And Here’s today’s progress on the alternate-history battlefield adventure about a widowed nurse from a Confederate hospital aboard a west-bound train pulled by a Union war engine — now with military intrigue, steampunk Texas rangers, undead political separatists, murderous plots, bushwhackers, bandits, sabotage, and epic scenes of mayhem:

Project: Dreadnought
New Words: 2391 (not terrible, but meh)
Present Total Word Count: 118,768 words
Goal: 140,000 words

Things Accomplished in Real Life: Did day-job work; went to the bank and spent some time on paperwork and bill-paying; spent awhile in the post office mailing things; visited with Caitlin’s cats; killed my third wasp this week (never mind the two over the weekend, WTF?); ran around the house squealing.

Other: Oh God oh God oh God no more credit card bills. Now I kind of want to go shopping … (but will restrain self. I promise.) Oh well. Fingers crossed and spirits high for now.

Reason for Stopping: Need to run another round of errands before hubs gets home. Am also contemplating supper. Hmmm … supper.

3 thoughts on “July 8, 2009

  1. I heard on NPR the other day that one of the Obama proposals was to cancel student debt if you’ve been paying on it for a certain amount of time, but it still is not paid off. Here’s hoping yours will fall into that category.

  2. Yeah, I heard about that plan and did a little looking into it — but it’s income based, and between my husband and I, we make too much to qualify. We’re sort of in that weird in-zone between “broke” and “not broke enough.”

  3. Congrats, hon, I can definitely relate. I was in much a similar place not too long ago, and am hoping to get the school loan debt paid off within the next few years and be completely done with all of it!

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