Before I forget…

In all the excitement of the last couple of days (and once again, seriously — thank you all for the birthday wishes and general goodwill) …I almost forgot to post this. So here we go. Just in time. Stalkers take note. This weekend, you can find me at the Pacific Northwest Writers Association conference out […]

Update on the Auction

See this picture, this one right here? That’s what I’m about to tote off to the post office. The auction results were very, very good — and I’m (a). thrilled to have been able to raise some dough for Travis, and (b). happy to get some of this excess stock out of my home. Only […]


My outstandingly marvelous employer (and sometimes publisher) at Subterranean Press has freshly announced a new bit of awesome: For a limited time only, he’s dropped the price of the paperback Dreadful Skin edition to $12. Offer ends tomorrow. Profits to go to his marvelous Travis-ness. Please use paypal if at all possible, as it makes […]