May 21, 2009

And now we’re back to the regular grind, with word counts and whatnot. So here’s recent progress on the alternate-history battlefield adventure about a widowed nurse from a Confederate hospital aboard a west-bound train pulled by a Union war engine — now with military intrigue, steampunk Texas rangers, undead political separatists, murderous plots, bushwackers, bandits, sabotage, and epic scenes of mayhem:

Project: Dreadnought
New Words: 3532 (not bad, but not great for a 2-day total)
Present Total Word Count: 42,131 words
Goal: 120,000 words (revised goal)

Things Accomplished in Fiction: Made it out of Fort Chattanooga on a train called the Virginia Lightning; challenged some stereotypes in a historically credible fashion; helped out a nice lady with a kid who’d injured his foot, got offers of free (very good) food at a restaurant in Memphis, which Mercy will no doubt accept.

Next up: Memphis and a good hot meal plus the re-acquaintance of an earlier fellow traveler; then on to the river, and a riverboat chugging north to St. Louis — where she’ll finally catch a west-bound train, pulled by an engine she’s already seen at work: the Dreadnought.

Things Accomplished in Real Life: Did a little grocery shopping; performed day-job duties; got a super-cool reproduction of a 1902 Sears catalog in the mail (thanks, Mario!); read a bit of a book.

Reason for Stopping: Good stopping point, and I have a few other things I want to take care of this afternoon before supper.

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