Grab-Bag Assortment

  • Once more, with feeling. I know I just redid my main page the other day, but I wasn’t “feeling it.” So I’ve given it a new look — something glossy, pretty, and a little weird. It pleases me. I think I’ll keep this one for awhile.

  • Blood of the Muse really liked Fathom. This guy’s reviews are always fun and spoiler-free, and I’m not just saying that because he’s said very nice things about my books.

  • Boneshaker preorders. Over the weekend, I received half a dozen emails asking if it was all right to pre-order Boneshaker from Let me be the first to reassure you: it’s absolutely okay! I know the listing is naked, but that is the listing. The book’s release date is a long ways off, but if you’re one of those folks who loves the suspense, well, don’t let me stop you …

  • 40-Foot Steampunk Spider. The husband sent me this link, earlier this afternoon. “Although the Expo Y150 festivities are not scheduled to officially begin until the end of April, the enormous steampunk spiders could be seen prowling the Yokohama waterfront this weekend.”

In other news … here’s recent progress on the battlefield adventure about a widowed nurse from a Confederate hospital aboard a west-bound train pulled by a Union war engine — now with military intrigue, steampunk Texas rangers, undead political separatists, murderous plots, bushwackers, bandits, sabotage, and epic scenes of mayhem:

Project: Dreadnought
New Words: 1728 (not great — that’s a weekend total)
Present Total Word Count: 13,083 words
Goal: 100,000 words

Observations: I’m relieved to be writing Mercy away from the hospital. Two chapters of Civil War ER was just about all I could take; too much more, and even the most casual readers might start slitting their wrists from all the gruesome woe.

Things Accomplished in Real Life: Made some healthy progress on the day job project; spent a couple hours on the phone with an editor regarding a project about which I’m not yet allowed to squee; that’s about it, really.

Reason for Stopping: I’m completely exhausted. Allergies are keeping me up all night with BreathingFail, and I’ve sucked down enough pills to choke a pony … which helps … some … but leaves me wiped out and stoned. I fervently hope that the aforementioned editor didn’t think I was completely lit. But three Benedryls, two Zyrtecs, and two heavy-duty decongestants will make a girl a little spacey.*

* But at least they let her BREATHE.

7 thoughts on “Grab-Bag Assortment

  1. Okay, I’m not losing my mind, then. I visited here, searching for something an hour or two ago and thought I’d misremembered the old look.

    I *love* the new design. The colours, the image, the use of space in the layout. Nice.

  2. Thank you! And yes, you’re right. I didn’t design this theme or anything…I just really liked it. ;)

  3. Will

    You’ve probably answered this before, Cherie, but what is it that you use to display your word count progress in these posts?

  4. Chris

    When you say “the day job project” do you mean something relating to the Martian Chronicles? I’m really excited about that one… put in my preorder months ago. :)

  5. Rob Blake

    Saw something … inspirational? Travel to:

    [ ]

    specifically to check out “The Metal Man-Detritus Of Lost Worlds” under My Pics.

  6. Chris – No, I’m not working on that.
    Wil – It comes from Writertopia’s Toolbox.

  7. Very interesting post thank you for sharing I have added your blog to my bookmarks and will be back.

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