Month: January 2009


I awoke this morning feeling rattled, and listening to the cat whine in the living room. She scrambled around, claws and fur on a slick hardwood floor, then tore into the bedroom to fuss at me more directly. I gave up, got up, and wandered bleary-eyed to the bathroom — all the while trying to shake the distinct and unsettling sensation that I’d been interrupted from something, or that I’d awakened just after something important.

Come to find out, we had an earthquake.
Huh. Well, no harm, no foul.

Three things make a post, see?

  • Ellen and I felt brave the other day, so we went to see The Spirit. The Spirit somehow achieves eyeball-punishing dullness using elements that would otherwise add up to a fascinating (if bizarre) cinematic experience. It’s vibrant and catchy visually, with excruciating pulp dialogue and a baffling mythos; but even the atomic-scale strangeness can’t make it interesting. This flick is weirder than a two-headed hamster with a peg leg; and it evokes roughly the same confusion, revulsion, and pity.

  • Aric, Alex T. and I went to go see Underworld: Rise of the Lycans the other night, and I really enjoyed it. Yes, I know it’s kind of deeply terrible — but the whole franchise is hideously flawed in a manner that in no way interferes with my hand-flapping worship thereof. My fangirlish adoration of the worldsetting is bone-deep and unwavering, and this prequel did nothing to dim my glee. It’s unrelentingly bleak, unapologetically gothic, goofily romantic, and utterly vicious. Loved it, loved it, loved it.

  • Today I had lunch with Psynde, who brought Spain the Cat a new toy: A laser pointer with rotating wheel of pictures. She can chase a butterfly, a star, a smiley face, or a mousie. At the moment, the butterfly is the big winner. I wore her out playing with this thing for over an hour; now she’s sacked out on top of her cat tree, snoring like a goose with a harmonica.

Links Roundup

  • Urban Fantasyland readers choice awards. Take a moment and go vote for some of my peeps — Richelle Mead gets many a mention, and Mario Acevedo, Caitlin Kittredge, and Mark Henry also get a nod or two. Go click around and help ’em out!

  • Realms of Fantasy, RIP. I never successfully sold anything to this market (and I haven’t tried in years, to be fair), but I’ll still be sorry to see another venue close its doors. Also, let the circumstances of the announcement serve as fair warning vis-a-vis what you can expect from the internet.

  • Kitten Chaser. Live kitten feed. No sound, but that’s okay. You can insert your own sound effects as you wibble helplessly at the screen. I’m digging the little black-and-white fluffy jobbie, myself.

  • Obama and Pelosi wimp out. But if you’d like to step away from the hysterical keyword over-simplification and read what that whole “OMGWTF 200BILLIONZY for CONTRACEPTION will give CONDOMS to ALL TEH BABIEZ” thing was actually about, well, here you go.

  • Sneak Peek at concept art for World War Z movie. If you enjoyed the Max Brooks book (and I did), then this will likely rock your socks, whet your appetite, etcetera.

  • 16th Century Designer’s Portfolio. Font-lovers, prepare to change your shorts. “Before black vinyl folders, and way before the website, the Mediaeval ancestors of today’s graphic designers produced ‘model’ or ‘pattern’ books to show their work to potential clients. Only a handful survive but the British Library has recently discovered a prime example – the so-called Macclesfield Alphabet Book.”