I awoke this morning feeling rattled, and listening to the cat whine in the living room. She scrambled around, claws and fur on a slick hardwood floor, then tore into the bedroom to fuss at me more directly. I gave up, got up, and wandered bleary-eyed to the bathroom — all the while trying to […]

Three things make a post, see?

Ellen and I felt brave the other day, so we went to see The Spirit. The Spirit somehow achieves eyeball-punishing dullness using elements that would otherwise add up to a fascinating (if bizarre) cinematic experience. It’s vibrant and catchy visually, with excruciating pulp dialogue and a baffling mythos; but even the atomic-scale strangeness can’t make […]

Links Roundup

Urban Fantasyland readers choice awards. Take a moment and go vote for some of my peeps — Richelle Mead gets many a mention, and Mario Acevedo, Caitlin Kittredge, and Mark Henry also get a nod or two. Go click around and help ’em out! Realms of Fantasy, RIP. I never successfully sold anything to this […]